Rules and Regulations

Basic rules

  • For security reasons and in keeping with our philosophy, a SwimRun competition recognized by the Be3 competes in teams of two. The teammates may never be more than 10 meters one from each other (except in extreme circumstances). Only the promotion distance, which is never the longest suggested, can be competed individually.
  • When a team gives up, it must infrom the organisers as soon as possible
  • Any motorised vehicle is forbidden.
  • Respect gender diversity. Men and women compete in the same races. Teams can be made up of men, women or mixed.
  • There is no age class in a SwimRun competition. We focus on the experience and sharing something together rather than the place in a particular age class.
  • If needed, teams must help other teams when required. Our spirit of solidarity goes beyond simple team spirit, to transcend the notion of this as just a race.
  • To take part in a SwimRun competition recognized by the Be3, competitors must be at least 16 years old for promotion and medium distances trials, and 18 years old for the long-distance trials.
  • Please respect the environment: it is strictly forbidden to throw waste or leave equipment on the track.
  • No external assistance is allowed during the race (Included food, beverage, clothes, …)
  • Aquatic trial cannot take place if water temperature does not exceed 11°C. Participants are always allowed to wear neoprene rubber wetsuits. If the temperature of a swimming section is lower than 14°C, then, the participants will have to wear an isothermal wetsuit during this section.
  • Competitors must be aware that, as part of the competition philosophy, SwimRun is not refereed. In case of disputes, an amicable settlement should take place.
  • Participants must be aware of, and strictly adhere to, the rules and regulations.
  • CUT OFF : Every time you pass through a food/beverage supply, there will be a CUT OFF time. Competitors must pass through different points before a certain time to be allowed to carry on with the race. We must place a time barrier for security reasons. However, a runner with minimum training sould have no difficult in meeting the time limits.


Trial categories

  • S, Promotion : < 10 km running, < 1km swimming in total
  • M, Medium distance : between 10 and 25 km running, < 2 km swimming in total
  • L, Long distance : more than 25 km running, more than 2 km swimming in total


Compulsory equipment

Aside from some restrictions and obligations, participants are free to use the equipment of their choice (Tether, pull-boy, hand paddles, flippers, …). However, competitors must start and finish the competition carrying the same equipment for the whole trial. Teams that don't respect this rule will be disqualified.

Restriction : maximal length of the flippers cannot exceed 15 cm

Provided by the organiser :

  • 2 number signs (bibs)
  • 2 swimming caps
  • 1 chip (time measurement)

Every participant must be in possession of the following equipment during the whole trial :

  • Runners must wear shoes
  • 1 whistle per participant


Examinations board

The examinations board of the trial :

  • Is made up of one official person of the Be3 and/or one official person of one of the two recognized leagues
  • Approves the results of the race
  • Deals with protests
  • Decides disqualifications after the race, if needed

Belgian Championship

  • Only the long distance (XL) is Belgian championship
  • The two team members must be Belgian and in order of licence to have the chance to be elected Belgian champion team 



A protest can be made verbally to the official, who will make a decision in the spirit of SwinRun.


Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation free of charge for all registrations made before January 31, 2020.

Beyond that date:

50% until 31 May 2020

25% until 30 June

No refund from July 1, 2020


Pandemic COVID-19

In the event that we are forced to cancel our events due to the COVID-19 epidemic (which is not the case at the moment), you will have the choice between 3 options concerning your registration

  • Full refund of the registration fee
  • Postpone your registration for the 2021 edition at no charge
  • Donation of all or part of the registration fee to our organization. We have already had to incur costs for this edition, so you will help our young organization to survive this crisis.