Swimrun is a sporting discipline created in 2002 in Sweden by 4 friends: Jesper and Mats Andersson, Anders Malm and Jane Lindberg. One evening, they set themselves a friendly challengeto see how fast they could travel - running and then swimming from Uto island to Sandhamn Island, near Stockholm. This challenge gave Mats Skotts and Michael Lemmel the idea to create the very first “swimrun” race in 2006 under the name of  “Ö till ö” (island to island). This 75 km race (65 km running & 10 km swimming) became the mother of all swimruns and the Holy Grail for followers of this discipline.

The aim of this multi-sport discipline is to connect two points on a route alternating swimming in open water and (trail) running sections. The participants swim with their running shoes and are free to use all sorts of swimming accessories but have to bear in mind they will then need to carry everything during the running sections. So whatever you take at the start of the race has to be kept until the finish line. External help is forbidden. The participants need to make some tactical decisions in order to safely progress safely and quickly through the race.

Littering is also strickly forbidden. Any team caucht throwing anything on the ground will be disqualified. This is a very important point for the organisers who are striving to make this race as green as possible with a target of zero impact on the environment.

Our core values:

  • Solidarity : among team members and different teams
  • Respect : For yourself, others and environment
  • Cooperation : between team members and teams
  • Responsibility : self-refereeing by the competitors